«About Fancoils»

Innovative  system

The fancoil combines the advantages of Air Cooling Units and cooling towers. Due to the closed circuit, Fancoils allow you to use antifreeze as a coolant, which eliminates many problems in operation. An additional "aerobic" method of cooling the coolant using an irrigation system (cooling tower principle), allows Fancoils to effectively cool the coolant at high ambient temperatures.


High-quality construction and components make Fancoils reliable and unpretentious in operation, as well as the piston compressors for which they are designed to cool.

The pipelines made of stainless steel and the powder-coated housing elements are designed for long-term operation.

Designed by Russian engineers and for Russian operating conditions, Fancoils are equally effective in extremely hot southern regions and in the harsh winter conditions of northern latitudes.


Saving is the ability not to waste resources in an inefficient way. This is exactly the "ability" that Fancoils have. They do not waste electricity idly, but spend it as necessary, adapting to environmental conditions.

Significant funds of the enterprise are saved due to the lack of costs for preparing for the "winter" period and eliminating its consequences in the form of freezing of water pipes, as is often the case with water systems.

The absence of sanctions from the environmental supervision services also reduces the company's expenses for the operation of compressor equipment.

Ecological safety

Recently, humanity is not unreasonably concerned about the problems of preserving the environment and protecting the environment. At the global level, programs are being implemented to reduce emissions of harmful substances and greenhouse gases.

Working in a closed loop, Fancoils do not cause any harmful effects to the environment. During operation, no harmful emissions occur and no unnecessary resources are consumed.

Other cooling methods

When creating Fancoils, all the disadvantages of other cooling methods were taken into account, which are significantly outdated today and are not cost-effective. It is fair to compare the positive and negative properties of these methods.

Energy consumption
Environmental friendliness
Current ones
Reliability (risk of compressor downtime)
Flow system
Cooling towers
Dry cooling towers
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